Dr. Franne Berez


Dr. Berez developed a passion for holistic and organic living very early in life. She spent most of her childhood gardening, cooking, and learning at the side of her vegetarian mother and grandmothers – creating recipes and meals from scratch.

As she aged, she developed challenges of her own. She went to doctor after doctor to find different opinions, but never a solution. She began to explore different ways to restore her balance. Dr. Berez read the health-related magazines and soon healed herself through homeopathy, diet and nutrition.

As a teen, she was very influenced by the Prevention and Organic Gardening magazines of the 60s. Organic farming goes beyond merely trying to sustain our broken conventional systems. Over time, it can actually renew, restore, and regenerate the health of our impoverished soil and positively impact the health of our entire ecosystem. Dr. Berez feels the same way about caring for ourselves. She sees the parallels in caring for ourselves in organic ways to restore balance and return to health.

Dr. Berez feels the only way to change the future is through a whole family approach to healthcare. Through treating several generations of families over the years, she has seen how good preventative and non-suppressive medical care can create a stronger individual over a lifetime.

She treats everyone, from newborns and young adults to thirty-somethings and seniors. Dr. Berez is hopeful that helping one person in a family will help their whole family, their friends, their community, and ultimately the world.