The Team

Dean Sbragia

Dean Sbragia, MBA, CDP, CMDCP

Dean has been an innovator in the healthcare delivery space for nearly forty years. Dean is former CEO and Chairman of the Board for Nautilus commercial fitness, had authored numerous patents in medical, fitness, and workspace designs, and is the architect of the Total Solutions medical delivery program, from which the Life Span program has been launched. Dean is a certified dementia practitioner and a Montessori-certified dementia practitioner.

Riki McClure, BS

Riki McClure, BS

Alex Sbragia

Alex Sbragia, Certified Life Coach

Areas of Specialty

Osteogenic Loading

All associates are certified technicians and have a background in health, fitness, and aging processes.

Balance Assessment
and Training

Fall and fracture reduction is a major concern for our clientele. In addition to strengthening bone, muscle, and nutritional foundations, we work with a patented, state-of-the-art balance training device.

Nautilus Strength Training for Sarcopenia

Training to keep and add muscle mass, improve function, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, elevate mood, and increase metabolism is a science that requires specific techniques and equipment.

Cognivue Assessments for Mental Acuity

The worlds first FDA recognized device that can score acuity in six domains of the brain- Cognivue provides baselines and improvement or regression information useful in designing a cognitive plan.

Power Plate Whole-body Vibration

The Power Plate is the world's #1 whole-body vibration device. Our programs can improve flexibility, balance, mitigate pain, improve circulation, reduce visceral fat, and provide a bevy of other health benefits.

Blood and Lipids

Strength training has been shown to reduce blood pressure, increase metabolism, reduce "bad" cholesterol, and improve mood. Recent studies have shown that osteogenic loading with bioDensity can reduce A1C remarkably with only five minutes of exercise each week.

Functional Medical Nutrition

Nutrition has become commoditized and confusing- not so with MEND targeted medical nutrition. Not sold in stores, and prescribed and provided by some of the leading health care facilities in the US, MEND is available to enhance outcomes at all LifeSpan facilities

Fall and Fracture Program

Our fall and fracture reduction program includes twice-yearly professional DEXA scans of the hip and spine. Our imaging partners provide service with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring accurate measurement and quantifying results.